Runny Nose Remedy

Whether you have allergies or you are just dealing with a troublesome bout of cold or flu, you will find that it is important to look into how you are going to deal with your runny nose! Runny noses are not terribly hygienic and they can be downright annoying, so what can you do to stop them? Take a moment to think about some of these runny nose remedy and think about how you can incorporate them into your next illness.

First, remember that when you go to blow your nose that you should do it gently. It doesn’t get much more natural than that, and if you blow gently, you will reduce the pressure that you put on your sinus membranes. Beware of blowing your nose too hard because it can tear at your sinuses and cause trauma to the delicate tissue.

When you are thinking about getting rid of a runny nose, remember that you might want to look into breathing in some steam. When you breathe in steam, you are going to be able to relieve most forms of nasal congestion and you are also going to be able to use the steam to clear mucus and allergens from your lungs. This works whether your runny nose is caused by a cold or by allergies. One easy way to steam your sinuses is to bend your face over hot water, draping a towel over your head, so it doesn’t require a steam room – you can stay on party bets or on the sofa, all you need is a few simple items, mainly just hot water. Adding some menthol or pine oil to the water can help as well. Keep this up for ten minutes, even if it does get a little uncomfortable and you are sure to see results.

Many people say that garlic is a real cure all for the things that might trouble you, and garlic can come to your rescue when it comes to taking care of runny noses as well. Chew on a piece of garlic or simply crush it and add it to some soup. While all garlic is healthy for you, the most effective way to get garlic into your system is to eat it raw. This can make your eyes run a little, but it is worth it in the end. Garlic contains substances that make it a powerful antibiotic and it can drastically improve your immune system. Just remember to not to kiss anyone you like until you have had some mouthwash!

When you are thinking about getting rid of a runny nose, consider the idea of increasing your liquid intake. Make sure that you drink lots of water and orange juice and be aware of the fact that when your nose is running, you are losing more water than you are used to. Drinking orange juice will also help you bolster your immune system and to keep things on track in terms of healing yourself.

Take some time and make sure that you consider what your options are going to be when you are looking to take care of a runny nose. There are plenty of runny nose remedy that might help you!