Curing The Problems By Taking A Cholesterol Screening Test

Cholesterol screening is a very simple and very realistic test for getting the information about the percentage of cholesterol present in the blood of any person. It is done to check the level of cholesterol present in the blood of any of the person. If any person suffers from high cholesterol level problems then he/she is also at high risk of getting a stroke or a heart attack.

A cholesterol screening test is supposed to produce a cholesterol level chart of any particular patient. On testing this chart the doctor tells the exact medication to be taken or not to be taken. Cholesterol screening is necessary in almost every adult aged 20 or more at least once in a five year of time span. If any other than desired percentage found then it is also necessary to cure it by means of some medication as prescribed by the physician / surgeon.

The patients having high cholesterol level and being prescribed medication for lowering down the level of cholesterol are suggested to get their screening test done more frequently than usual in order to get updated about the level of cholesterol for them.

Those adults who have a higher risk of developing any sort of heart disease are also suggested to get this test of them more frequently than others.

How the level of cholesterol is identified

The level of cholesterol is known by means of the test called the screening test which is stated above. The level of cholesterol is represented in the cholesterol level chart. This chart is produced / developed as a result of the blood test conducted for the person. The symptoms shown by the blood is usually supposed to get represented on this chart.

The other thing which is needed to be known by the person is that how the level of cholesterol is represented. Yes the representation of cholesterol is done in milligram per deciliter of the blood.

If you have get done your cholesterol level test then you are suggested to take the prescription of the doctor that exactly how much you are prone to the heart disease. It is your doctor who will consider and tell the other risk factors like high blood pressure, smoking, family history and age etc.

The total level of cholesterol that should be present in the body of any of the person is equal to the 200 mg/dl (milligram per deciliter.) if the level of cholesterol is below 139 then it is borderline however if it is above it then you are more prone to various disease.