About Heart Attack And Causes Heart Attack

It is the heart attack which is supposed to occur to any person wheneverthe blood flow to any part of the heart gets blocked for the long and enough time. In this case exactly that part of heart or muscle is supposed to get damaged or die completely. There is another medical term which is basically used for this problem which is usually called as myocardial infarction.

The heart attack is usually supposed to happens only when the blood clot get developed in any of the blood vessel which then can also lead to heart muscle or the coronary arteries. The clot in case if becomes big enough then also you can stop current supply of the blood to heart. Now the blood supply to heart can easily be undermined in case if it is the artery which suddenly get narrows which is very similar to that of the spasm.

In case if heart muscles do not get enough amount of blood and hence the oxygen as well then it dies and as a result of which the problem of the heart attack occurs. There is another name of the problem of the heart attack which has already been stated is the myocardial infarction or cardiac infarction or sometime it is also considered as the coronary thrombosis. As per the Medilexicon’sdictionary the heart attack can be defined as the infarction of the segment of any of the heart muscle which is usually due to the occlusion of the coronary artery.

What causes heart attack?

Most of the problems of heart attack are mainly caused by the blood clot which blocks any one of coronary arteries of the body. The coronary artery bringsthe blood and the oxygen to heart. In case if blood flow gets blocked then the heart is supposed to be starved of the oxygen and hence the heart cells go to die.

Any of the hard substance which is called the plaque can also sometime get build up in walls of the coronary artery. This plaque can be made of the cholesterol and some other cells. There is the probability of the heart attack goes high as and when

Blood platelets get stick to the tears in plaque and they form the blood clotswhich then can block the blood flowing to heart. This sometime is one of the most common and general cause of the problems of heart attack among people.

There is a slow building of the plaque that may almost sometime be able to be a reason to block any one of the coronary arteries.

The causes of the major heart attack problems are also not always supposed to be known.